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How To Get Rid Of A Cavity In Between Teeth

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Southern Family Dental Care
How To Get Rid Of A Cavity In Between TeethIf the cavity has not yet extended further through the enamel between the teeth, for example, if it has not yet reached the halfway point, then using fluoride toothpaste to remineralize the enamel may be an option for treating the condition.

If the infection has progressed beyond this level, the appropriate therapy method is a filling to deal with the cavity between two teeth.

Composite resin fillings are the material of choice for this purpose because of their exquisite color matching. When a cavity reaches its inner layers, just like a joint hole, a root canal operation is the only way to alleviate the excruciating agony resulting from exposed tooth nerves.

If treatment is not provided, there is a risk of infection developing. This has the potential to lead to significant problems. An infection can spread to other areas of the body rather readily, and if it reaches vital organs, it will cause death.

Dental crowns, a dental restoration, are another option for protecting the tooth during therapy. Ceramics, composite resins, porcelain, and metal alloys are the components that go into their construction. A tooth that has lost a significant portion due to decay or wear might benefit from having a crown placed over it.

Cavities Can Be Prevented

The steps indicated for preventing cavities between the teeth are identical to those recommended for preventing cavities on the surfaces of the teeth. Brush your teeth thoroughly, use floss, and then rinse your mouth with mouthwash to remove any lingering food particles. Use fluoride toothpaste, which may help remineralize enamel over time and should be part of your regular dental care routine.

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