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Dental Exam

Morgan at Southern Family Dental Care sterilizing instruments.Maintaining good oral health is an important step in sustaining the overall function of your body. While annual physicals are great indicators of issues that may arise in your health, so, too, is having regularly scheduled oral exams. Physical checkups provide a great indication of your condition. Your oral wellbeing can often be a predictor of any issues that may be occurring in the body. Therefore, it is important for you to take a holistic approach to your healthcare and ensure you are participating in all necessary exams.

Visiting our professionals on a consistent basis is the best way to ensure timely diagnosis of irregularities. Taking preventative measures, like regular dental exams, will help you to maintain and improve your oral health for years to come. If you are due for your next dental exam or you are in the market for a new practice, contact Southern Family Dental Care to schedule your appointment today.

Why Do I Need a Dental Exam?

Though a major facet of dentistry is correcting abnormalities that are already present in the mouth, the best dental practice is to attempt to prevent those issues from arising beforehand. Early diagnosis is key to avoiding some of the corrective treatments that are often necessary because of a lack of regularity in dental checkups.

At your dental exam, our professionals will screen you for oral cancers, perform a search for periodontal disease and cavities, and check for any decaying teeth. Acting at the first sign of any of these issues will vastly improve your oral and overall health.

During the Exam

There are a few things you should expect during an examination with one of our professionals. First, we like to establish your medical history, especially if you are a new patient. We like to be aware of any conditions you may have, medications you are taking, and prior dental health and treatment. This information helps us to develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Next, we attempt to find out more information about the present status of your oral health through examination. Through the use of x-rays, and thorough teeth cleaning, we will learn more about your teeth, gums, and mouth structure and ensure that your teeth are free of buildup. You may also receive an oral cancer screening. If detected early, oral cancer can be treated effectively which is a great incentive to get regular dental exams.

How Often Do I Need an Exam?

The frequency of your dental exams generally depends on an individual patient's needs. While many patients only require dental exams and cleanings every six months, some patients with more pressing dental issues may benefit from more frequent visits to our facility. Rest assured that our professionals will choose the best exam schedule for you based upon your needs.

Getting on a consistent schedule for oral exams is a great way to combat abnormalities in the mouth, as well as the rest of the body. Although medications and procedures exist to correct health issues, preventative care is our first line of defense. If you are ready to schedule a dental exam, call Southern Family Dental Care at 470-410-9774 today.


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