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Missing teeth can cause significant difficulty for most people. Many of your daily activities, including eating and speaking, are affected when you lose teeth. Not only this, but many people also find that they lose confidence and the willingness to speak or smile when they are missing teeth. Dentures, both complete and partial, help resolve these issues for many patients each year. We have several denture options available at Southern Family Dental Care and we can provide information on each.

Types of Dentures

At the most basic distinction, dentures can be either complete or partial. Complete dentures are for people who have lost all of their teeth, otherwise called edentulous. Partial dentures, then, are for people who are only missing a few teeth or a couple sections of teeth. Because dentures are customized for you, these can be used to fill in all of the gaps.

Some dentures can be given on the same day that you lose your teeth while others may take multiple appointments for tooth extraction, dental molding, and denture fitting. Dentures can be supported in a variety of ways. For instance, we have basic implant-supported and snap-in dentures. Implant-supported dentures are anchored on a natural-looking dental implant foundation. Snap-in dentures can be supported by implants or natural teeth. These also have locator attachments that are used to snap them onto the implants, making them easily removable. You may also only need dentures on either the upper or lower jaw. In this case, we may recommend overdentures or upper dentures.

Oral Hygiene With Dentures

Though artificial teeth are obviously not at risk of developing cavities, you will still need to maintain proper oral hygiene. Bacteria could become trapped under the dentures, causing gum disease and other issues in the future. This would also cause decay on any remaining teeth that you do have.

Brush and floss any remaining natural teeth like you normally would. In addition, use a soft-bristled brush, gauze, or washcloth to clean your gums after you have removed your dentures. Also remove any denture adhesive from your mouth daily to prevent bacteria and gum irritation.

Cleaning Dentures

Dentures must be cleaned daily. If you can remove them, wash them daily with soap and warm water. Alternatively, you can use a soft toothbrush and a dental cleanser to brush any debris off of them. In addition, you should soak them in a specially designed denture solution overnight. Do not wash or soak them in hot water as this can change the structure and cause them to be ill-fitting. For additional information on dentures, contact Southern Family Dental Care at 470-410-9774 today.


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