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Digital X-ray

Dr. Clint Baugham reviewing a digital panoIf you have been receiving dental care for a while, you have likely had x-ray photos taken that showed almost everything going on in your mouth. The professionals in our practice, like many others, rely on x-ray technology to inform us of potential issues with your teeth in places that we may not be able to see with the naked eye.

X-ray technology, which has been around since the early 20th century, has aided in the diagnosis and treatment of oral disease and continues to be an essential tool in the medical field at large, including dentistry. Digital radiography, or digital x-ray, is an advancement upon the x-rays that were initially developed several years ago. With better quality photos and an easier process of picture taking, our professionals are better able to diagnose issues and obtain an idea of your personal level of oral health. If you are interested in the benefits of digital radiography and want to learn more, please contact Southern Family Dental Care for more information.

The Digital X-Ray Procedure

When you come in for your dental appointment and it is time for your digital x-ray, you may quickly realize that the process is not much different from getting a traditional x-ray. One of our professionals will place a sensor into your mouth, as usual, but rather than taking pictures on film, the electronic sensor transmits to a connecting computer which displays the images of your teeth almost instantly. We will be able to clearly show you any areas of concern within your mouth and zoom in and out of the pictures to ensure that we can see issues clearly in order to make an appropriate diagnosis or treatment plan if need be. While our professionals all have years of training and experience, we rely on digital radiography to increase our knowledge of a patient’s needs and help them to prevent dental problems and improve their oral health daily.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Traditional x-rays have played a pivotal role in obtaining essential internal imagery, however, going digital has only enhanced the capabilities of an already beneficial technology. One improvement is that digital x-rays expose patients to less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Although the amount of radiation in traditional x-rays has been considered virtually harmless, digital radiography has continued to drastically reduce any risk to your health, regardless of how small. Another benefit of digital radiography is that our team is able to send images of your teeth quickly and easily to other relevant medical professionals. This will ensure that you can continue to receive a high level of care that is both quick and effective.

X-ray technology is a vital tool that is essential in the field of dentistry. We seek to take x-ray photos during regular checkups, if not more often, in order to have an accurate picture of your needs as our patient. By having digital pictures available, we can better interpret what your problem areas may be and thoroughly treat them before a larger issue evolves. If you are due for an x-ray and are interested in the addition of digital radiography to your preventative care, call Southern Family Dental Care at 470-410-9774 to learn more.


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